Rising to New Heights through Small Business Development

In the Black Enterprise article, “Small Businesses Creating Jobs, Giving Back and Growing Local Economy”  we learn that a segment of business owners participating in a program to develop small businesses created and/or retained over 8,000 new jobs.

The Interise program also saw an increase in company revenues.  The program did not just benefit the diverse group of business owners participating, it benefited the community as well. 84 percent of the companies encouraged employees to give back to their community.

“Our numbers show that by providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed, they will grow their small business, create jobs and give back to help grow their local economy,” said Interise’s CEO Jean Horstman. “We are proud of the successes we are continuing to see in our programs across the country.”

This snapshot reveals that there are some great things happening with diversity, small businesses and the community they serve. How is your small business impacting your teams of employees or your community? What are you doing to develop your company to reach new levels of revenue and employee growth?

Stephanie Ringer, November 18, 2013

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